Business Relations.


1. Attempt to establish business relationship with Buyer.

2. Reply to buyer’s establish relationship.

3. Contacting a past customer.

4. Selling more to a steady buyer.




  1. 回复买建立务关系请求
  2. 与过去贸易来往买家联络
  3. 向长期家推销新产品




1. A first RFI. (Request for information).

2. Answering a first RFI.

3. A RFI for screwdrivers.

4. Reply for an RFI for screwdrivers.

5. Inability to supply requested product.

6. Offering a substitute product.




  1. 初次
  2. 回复
  3. 螺丝刀查
  4. 回复螺丝查询
  5. 无法
  6. 建议提供代



Reply a RFS.

Refuse offer a sample.

Ready offer a sample, but…

Refusing a Buyer’s request.






能提供样品, 但是…


RFQ & Payment.


1. Explaining a price increase.

2. Persuading a buyer to buy before a price increase.       

3. Giving an opportunity to buy before a price increases.

4. Making a concession on price.

5. Replying to a proposal to pay by a 30-day L/C.

6. Replying to a request for direct terms of payment.

7. Agreeing to modify payment terms.

8. Answering a request for payment by document

   against acceptance.

9. Requesting the establishment of a L/C.

10. Amending a L/C.

11. Extending a L/C.

12. Clearing up misunderstanding.

13. A request for credit information.

14. Refusing credit.

15. Asking to ship order cash on delivery.

16. Granting a delay in payment.




1.   价格整原

2. 提醒买家张加之前

3. 给他机会张加之前下单.

4.   对价格

5. 答复用信用状付款的建议.

6. 答复直接付款的要求.

7. 同意修改付款条件.

8. 就要求以承兑交单付款作答复.

9. 要求开立信用状.

10. 修改信用状.

11. 延长信用状期限.

12. 消除误会.

13. 请示提供信用资料.

14. 拒绝赊销.

15. 要求按现金提货方式装运订.

  1. 延迟付款.




1. Thanking a buyer for an order.

2. Dealing with a difficult Buyer.

3. Declining an order.

4. Partial rejection of an order.

5. Answering a complaint.

6. Accepting a claim & attempting to sell more products.

7. Apologizing for mistake.




  1. 感谢家订单
  2. 难办的
  3. 拒绝部分供
  4. 回复抗
  5. 接受投诉并试销更多
  6. 为错抱歉.


Attempt to establish business relationship with Buyer.


Dear Manager,


    We have obtained your name and address from      

******** , and we are writing to enquire whether you would be willing to establish business relations with us.

    We have been manufacturing power relays for many years. At present we are interested in extending our overseas market and would appreciate your respond.

Considering our competitive prices, we expect to establish a long-term partnership.

We look forward to your early reply.


With best regards,                   







   自*********取得贵公司地址, 特此修函, 希望能发展商务


多年来, 本公司经营power relays生产, 现欲扩大海外市场


考虑到我产品公道价格, 我公司希望得到长期的商务关系.







Reply to Buyer’s establish relationship letter.


Dear Mr. Andrew Bollone,


   Thank you for your letter of this morning. We shell be glad to enter into business relations with your company.

In compliance with your request, we are sending you, under separate attachment, our latest catalog and price list covering our export range.

   Payment should be made by irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit. Should you wish to place an order, please e-mail or fax us.

Yours sincerely,





尊敬的 Mr. Andrew Bollone,


    本月16号上午收到有关建立商务关系的来信, 不胜感谢. 根据您的要求奉上最新的出口产品目录和报价单.


如果贵方想订货, 请E-mail或传真为盼.







Contacting a past Buyer.


 Dear Mr. Oscar Peterson,


     As we have been informed from our trade contacts, your Company has reestablished itself in Argentina and is ones again trading successfully in the region. We would like to extend our congratulations and offer our very best wishes for your continued success.

 Before the crises in Asia, our companies were involved in a large volume of trade in our product. We see from our records that you were among our best ten customers.

We very much hope that we can resume our mutual beneficial relationship now, when economy in Asian region has been recovered.

   Since our last transaction, our lines have changed beyond recognition. While they reflect current South American need in ceramic resonators, some of our products are specifically targeted at the market in your region.

   As an initial step, I suggest you visit our website at

https://aike.chinasuppliers.alibaba.com, where you will find our illustrated catalog for your evaluation. Should you wish to receive product samples for closer inspection, we will be very delighted to forward them for free, as we used to do it in good old times.   


We look forward to hearing from you.




尊敬的 Mr. Oscar Peterson,


   从同行中信息来源听说贵公司在Argentina复业而生意发展迅速. 得闻喜讯, 不胜欢喜.

    亚洲经济危机发生前, 双方曾有多次电子元器件交易,


     现今本地经济平息, 能重展双方互惠的业务联系.

自上次合作至今, 产品种类变化很大. 除了有符合南美市场产品之外也有专门为Argentina 电子市场而开发的新产品.

   作为合作第一步, 我们建议您访问我公司商务网页在https://aike.chinasuppliers.alibaba.com, 初步参考插图产品目录和一些新服务.

如需查看一些样品, 我们乐意免费邮寄. 














Selling more to a steady Buyer.


Dear Mr. Frank Sinatra,


     We have refreshed our online catalog at https://aike.chinasuppliers.alibaba.com,  and now it covers the latest new products, which are now available from stock.

    We are most gratified that you have, for several years, included a selection of our products in your mail-order catalogues. The resulting sales have been very steady.

    We believe that you will find our new products most attractive. They should get a very good reception in your market (manufacturing).

    once you will have had time to study the supplement, please let us know if you would like to take the matter further. We would be very happy to send samples to you

for closer inspection. For your information, we are planning a range of _________, which should do well in European market.

    We will keep you informed on our progress and look forward to hearing from you.





尊敬的 Mr. Frank Sinatra,


   我公司最近有新产品开发, 我们的产品目录在https://aike.chinasuppliers.alibaba.com,  仔细介绍最新生产变态, 请初步参考.

   贵公司的邮购目录多年来收录本公司产品, 产品销售成绩理想, 感谢长期回顾.

   最新开发的产品质量可靠, 定能吸引顾客采购. 烦请参阅网上目录, 若需查看样品请回复, 本公司乐意效劳. 我公司现正开发一系列___________, 适合欧洲市场需求. 如感兴趣请随时和我联系.


   愿进一步加强联系, 并后复音.











End of Business Relation section.

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